The Professor & Ginger

Hendrick's, ginger syrup, lime, mint, ginger ale
All that time on the island these two were bound to get together sooner or later.

Old Fashioned Few-Bag

FEW Barrel Aged Gin, cherry and orange bitters, love
Frances Elizabeth Willard would not approve.

Dante's Dilemma

Cointreau, tabasco, strawberries, sour
The devil's pouring drinks and his daughter needs a ride.

Roots & Rye

Old Overholt Rye, Woodland Bitters, Vieux Carre absinthe
With housemade bitters, whiskey, and absinthe; how could you go wrong?

The Statesman

Knob Creek, Cherry Heering, citrus bitters
I do say, only the most dignified should partake of this libation.

Red-Headed Blonde

Tito's, ginger beer, housemade lemoncello

The Smoking Gun

Buffalo Trace (Bridge Bar Single Barrel), maple, applewood smoke, candied baco
Come on, it's got bacon in it.

French 315

St. Elder Liqueur, Mathilde XO Orange, lavender syrup, bubbles
It's like a French 75, only 240 better.

Coked-Up Monk

Old Overholt Rye, Antica Formula, Monk's Cafe, egg white, Angostura, Coke

Backstage Pass

Brenne French Whiskey, RTCG Peach Rooibos, Peychaud, lemon, simple syrup